Go Green Workshops (15 - 24 Mar)

Who says that sustainability has to be boring? Every day from 12pm to 8pm, explore the Activity Area at NEX Level 2, that has been transformed into an eco-friendly Cardboard Wonderland! Did you know that the cardboard used for our packaging is actually extremely versatile? Hop onto our cardboard slide or engage in a spirited game of foosball on a table constructed fully from carboard! Nurture your creativity and your love for the environment and with your pick of exciting Go Green Workshops ! 


1pm – 2pm: Make Your Own Terrarium

Add a touch of green to your life, literally, by designing your very own customised terrarium! Low on maintenance, terrariums are perfect for injecting a little life into your indoor spaces even if you’re pressed for time or space. 


3pm – 4pm: Let’s Go Green Tote Bag

From bags to plastic cup sleeves, the biggest source of single use plastics are plastic carriers. Beat plastic pollution with your very own Let’s Go Green Tote Bag! Stamp on the design that you like and customise to your heart’s content with fabric markers too!


6pm – 7pm: Fancy Paper Plant Making 

If you really don’t have green fingers, craft yourself a paper plant – a reminder of nature that you can take with you anywhere!